Commercial fishing – An Infographic

Have a look at all of the statistics and facts that you need to know when it comes to commercial fishing. Everything you could want is in the infographic below! Advertisements

Grow Your Business

Check out this nifty infographic on the ‘wisdom tree’ for growing your business using social media websites.

Mosquito Magnet?

Which repellents are fact or myth? What actually attracts a mosquito? When do they feed and are they attracted to larger people? Find all this out and more in the infographic below.

Infographics ; A History

Cave paintings could easily have been the first infographics ever created. Ancient Egyptians used infographics to tell stories of life, religion and work. 90% of information taken in by the brain is visual,… Continue reading

Instagram Nation

3% share photos daily, 49% of college students take pictures on their phones. People on Instagram like photos more than they comment. There were 40 million Instagram users when the Android application launched.… Continue reading

Social Networking At Work

67% of people use social networks when they are meant to be working. 45% use Facebook, 20% LinkedIn, 18% YouTube, 14% Twitter. 28% of companies block social networks, 40% have limited access and… Continue reading

Teens On Social Media

95% of teens have a social media account. The average teenager comes in with approx 300 friends on Facebook, and over 90% of teens post ‘selfies.’ Every second 58 photos are added to… Continue reading

Twitter For Small Businesses

Twitter has 340,000,000 tweets per day…so why should your small firm bother being on Twitter? Well have a look at the infographic below for all you need to know.

Social Media, A Blind Spot For Executives?

1/3 of CEO’s fail to consider their companies social media reputation in business. More than 10% take no action regarding social media. The tendency to ignore problems on social media is more pronounced… Continue reading

Social Media Analytics

It’s not a sprint, its an never ending marathon. 72% of businesses plan on increasing Facebook usage, 69% plan on increasing Twitter usage. 85% use social media for business exposure and brand reach… Continue reading

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